My beagle has been doing this weird coughing/snorting/breathing thing, which most people (including the vet) tell me is reversed sneezing and nothing to worry about. When I look up the symptoms online however, they come up for reverse sneezing and collapsed trachea, which does need to be treated. If anyone knows how to tell the difference between the two I would appreciate the input. Thanks!

My dog had both. The reverse sneezing is a snorting, inhaling kind of sound. The tracheal cough is what I call the "goose honk". It’s a cough with a honking sound and a little gag at the end. Sometimes a bit of fluid comes up but not often. Tracheal collapse is when the entire trachea closes cutting off the dog’s airway and can cause the dog to scream or make a weird yodel sound before passing out. The dog will almost always come around by itself and be fine. When the dog passes out the trachea relaxes and resumes it’s normal shape. If your dog begins to cough it may help to put a little honey on his tongue forcing him to swallow and reopen his trachea.

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